Raise Your Fund Bigger, Faster, Easier, Without Wasting Years of Your Life On The Road 
 Smaller, Slower, Harder? Who Wants More Time On The road raising less capital?
Crush your capital raise by getting the system for Raising Your Fund Bigger, Faster, Easier
  • Avoid all that capital raising hardship: years on the road, hearing no after no, suffering rejection, working hard to raise less capital than you need
  • ​​How top capital intro partners BURN years of your life running around doing the wrong meetings, and what you should do instead
  • We ask, WWSJD? (what would Steve Jobs do?) in BEST positioning and marketing your firm and fund
  • ​Learn the MASSIVE HIDDEN problem managers face raising capital, and how can—and MUST—overcome it 
  • ​How boring meetings are the norm, and what you can do differently to captivate investors to put money with you
  • What's missing in the “I just need more leads” mistake, and how you can avoid all those wasted meetings trying to sell burgers to vegans
About Your Presenter
A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and investor at the Carlyle Group, Geoff Blades is an advisor to Founders, CEOs and senior Wall Street leaders. 

Geoff is the author of four books, including Do What You Want On Wall Street, and is the creator of game-changing programs for winning on Wall Street. 

Some of his asset manager clients refer to him as the Fund Doctor because he helps alleviate the pain of capital raising and running your buyside firm.
“The Proven System For Raising Your Fund Bigger, Faster, Easier, Without Burning Years On The Road”

My clients have worked at:

Hear The Word On The Street
“This is not just business for Geoff, it is intensely personal. For as long as I have known him this work has been his obsession, and Geoff has stopped at nothing to build mastery of these topics.  For nearly 10 years Geoff’s advice has been priceless to me and my team in building my own firm.”
Adam Checchi, CEO, Founder, Checchi Capital
“I have known Geoff both personally and professionally for 20 years. He was a star performer and inspiration to his colleagues at Goldman Sachs then, and he’s transformed himself into a ‘mental accelerator’ and world-class success coach now. Geoff has proven to be an invaluable resource to our fund and portfolio as he helps us navigate management, sales execution and interpersonal mastery.”
Shahram Seyedin-Noor, CEO, Founder, Civilization Ventures
“Raising capital for my real estate projects was at a complete standstill. I met with Geoff and the methods he taught me in this Masterclass made it seamless for me to complete my raise and gave me access to build the processes and structure that I’m applying to all of my raises.”
Benjamin Navi, Founder, Jimena Companies
“Right place right time. Some guys have all the luck. I used these excuses to rationalize my flattened career trajectory. Geoff helped me take calculated steps to break this cycle and reinvent myself, and thereby reattain happiness and fulfillment in my life.”
Principal, Private Equity
 Get your Edge For Crushing The Capital Raise Bigger, Faster, Easier
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