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What You'll Learn: 

What You Do NOW!

We've just come through a massive shock to the system. By all standards, Wall Street has held up well, yet what will happen from here?

 Wherever this is headed, how do you keep driving forward in your career?  Here, you'll walk away confident you have a plan and know what to do, NOW!

What To Do "Next"

Wherever this is headed Next, you want to stay on track. What will happen in the economy? What happens on Wall Street? Back on a roll, or will heads roll? Comp is certainly getting cut, what about your promotion track?

No matter what comes Next, here we're focused on your Next best strategies and tactics

Driving Long-term

The worst isn't what happens Now or Next. It's when things get hard, how many people give up on what they truly want and settle for a mediocre career! Here we're focused on not just navigating Now and Next.

We're developing your plan and method to keep creating the career and life you TRULY want!

What Does This Mean For Your Career?

It's a strange time on Wall Street, isn't it? 

Relative to the massive shock that has closed down the economy and your life, Wall Street has stayed open.

The markets are strong. 

Banking in some parts has gotten even stronger!

Hedge funds have generally done well.

VC and PE is a mixed-bag, some troubled investments, but also new opportunities.

If you only had your eye on Wall Street, you might not see the carnage on Main Street. 

Nor the risk that might be headed your way. 

What does this mean for you and your career on Wall Street?

It's impossible to know!

In some ways you can just keep your head down, working hard.

But in other ways,  it's a dangerous time where you want to pick your head up and get clear where you're driving.

Danger Or Clear Roads Ahead?

Where is it headed?

Can Wall Street rally through this, or will the economy crash it down? 

Will it get worse, and stay worse?

Get better slowly?


You have no way of knowing, do you? 

Relative to the last two massive shocks, it's even more uncertain. 

You might recall, about six months before all hell broke loose in 2008, Bear Stearns went bust. 

Back then as a distressed debt investor at the Carlyle Group, we thought the system might topple over.

But it wasn't until Lehman blew up in September the carnage really began. 

It was another massive shock on Wall Street when I first began this work back in 2000.

Based in Goldman's tech banking group in Menlo Park, when the Internet bubble burst, everything changed.

Overnight, especially in Silicon Valley, along with the Nasdaq, the economy imploded.

Banking business dried up.

Comp was slashed.

Round after round of layoffs began.

Then we had 9/11.

Careers were stopped in their tracks. 

For years it was an awfully hard time in your career on Wall Street. 

We had no idea where it was headed, and I stepped back to ask the big questions...

The Program You Want For Best Navigating Now


How Do You Keep Driving Forward?

It's hard to know, isn't it? 

And without knowing where this is headed, how can you know what it means for your career? 

Comp will be cut. 

Promotion tracks will be slowed.  

Yet, also, relative to tech or other options that might have seemed so appealing just months ago, perhaps your Wall Street career is looking good? 

Maybe even better than good? 

Whose to know. 

Maybe it will become a trap? 

In uncertain times like now, many people can settle for what they have. 

Accept their career and life for what it is. 

Give up on going for what you truly want. 

Screw that!!

No matter where this is headed...

And in fact, to say it stronger, without knowing where this is headed, you can keep driving forward.

Get clear on what to best do Now.

Hone in exactly on how you keep driving forward through whatever comes Next. 

And yes, most importantly in my world, keep driving towards what you TRULY want!

What Do You TRULY Want?

Back in 2000 when I started asking these questions, I didn't have a clue!

Worse, I didn't even know how to get a clue!!

Before the bubble burst I'd been a lifer, but now I didn't know.

In many ways I loved my career at Goldman.

But looking out at a highly uncertain world, I wanted to know...

How do you keep driving towards what you truly want?

No matter what is happening in the economy. 

Or what happens inside your firm. 

How do you best take control and keep driving forward?

I won't go into my long-winded story of what it led me to do...

The thousands of books I read and tens of thousands of hours I invested focused on how you get what you want in your career on Wall Street. 

The NEW approach I built—a highly systematic method for winning in your Wall Street career. 

You can see that all in my book. (which comes free with this program) 

I'll simply say here that...

The MOST IMPORTANT lesson I learned was that in every career...

Especially in a career on Wall Street...

These types of massive shocks to the system are normal.

And, you want a method to, no matter what is happening around you, keep driving towards what you truly want!

What is this for you? 

Do you know what you want?

Even if you don't know, that's OK...

Because this revolutionary method is built for you to keep driving forward anyways!

This Program Is Built To Work For You NOW!

This program isn't just built to work in any career. 

It's not even just a unique program built for getting what you want in your Wall Street career.

This program is built to work for you right now!

And I mean RIGHT NOW, in this Covid or perhaps post-Covid world.

For you to look out in the world, with absolutely zero clue where this is headed.

Perhaps without any clue of where you want to be headed!

But still map your path to keep driving forward. 

This program is built to be highly actionable for you right now. 

Inside this short-ish video program (4 or so hours relative to my 17 hour programs!), I've sought to deliver you just what you need now.

Together we work through the most important ideas and methods in my book, applying them to right now. 

Not just getting your mind focused on what you want and building your path to get here. 

But looking out in the world right now, and asking...

What must you be thinking and doing right now?

How do you keep navigating whatever comes Next? 

All the way through to driving long-term what you truly want!
I Created The System For You That I Wish Someone Had Created For Me

My clients have worked at:

Hear The Word On The Street
“Try and read this first before anybody else does.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“Is success in your Wall Street career worth the cost of a book and ten hours of your time? If the answer is ‘no,’ then you’ve chosen the wrong profession. If the answer is ‘yes,’ buy this book, read it, and use it. There is no better guide to helping you navigate your way up the ladder to a senior position on Wall Street.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
This is not just business for Geoff, it is intensely personal. For as long as I have known him this work has been his obsession, and Geoff has stopped at nothing to build mastery of these topics. For nearly 10 years Geoff’s advice has been priceless to me and my team in building my own firm.”
Adam Checchi, CEO, Founder, Checchi Capital
“Success at the highest levels requires never-ending improvement. Geoff not only helps me to keep bringing my best, but to also feel more happy and energized every single day.
President, Investment Bank
“After more than four decades on Wall Street, I engaged Geoff to help me make transformational changes in my career and life. All my life I have been a student of philosophy and personal mastery, but what Geoff is able to do you will not find in any book... other than this one.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“I have known Geoff both personally and professionally for 20 years. He was a star performer and inspiration to his colleagues at Goldman Sachs then, and he’s transformed himself into a ‘mental accelerator’ and world-class success coach now. Geoff has proven to be an invaluable resource to our fund and portfolio as he helps us navigate management, sales execution and interpersonal mastery.”
Shahram Seyedin-Noor, CEO, Founder, Civilization Ventures
“Someone once told me, if Geoff is offering to work with you, jump all over it. So, let me say, if you can get Geoff’s best ideas for a fraction of the cost of one hour with him, leap, jump, get all over it!”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“I came to Geoff when I was evaluating retirement. Geoff not only helped me quickly reach my decision to stay, he then helped me chart a course for taking my career to an entirely new level. Inside this book you will see some of the secrets that make him my secret weapon for success on Wall Street.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“You have to read this. In this guide Blades takes you into the realms of the work he does with his clients—far beyond the thousands of books and years of research that influenced his thinking, to the processes and systems he’s developed for putting the best ideas to work.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“Working with Geoff has been transformational. He has changed the way I pursue specific professional goals, as well as how I think about my life overall. The time we have spent together has been invaluable.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“Geoff just gets it. He understands that our ability to achieve rests within our own abilities, and he allows you to unlock it. If you are committed to be your best, then you owe it to yourself to read this guide.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“Right place right time. Some guys have all the luck. I used these excuses to rationalize my flattened career trajectory. Geoff helped me take calculated steps to break this cycle and reinvent myself, and thereby reattain happiness and fulfillment in my life.”
Principal, Private Equity
Get The Program That Is Built For You, NOW!

Here's Some Of What You'll See Inside This Program For Winning On Wall Street, NOW!

Video 1: Introduction 

Why this is NORMAL in your career on Wall Street!

How you can just take it as it comes, or take control of driving your career

The two things winning comes back to

What does this mean for Wall Street? No idea! But no matter what, you can know exactly what you do now!

First, you must protect your downside

And stay focused on what it REALLY takes to keep driving forward

What does it mean for you to be adaptable? 

Coming out of this video you'll have a clearer map on how you're driving forward

Video 2: How To Drive More Winning NOW!

How many people were prepared for this shock? We lay out how to best prepare right now!

We cover why it doesn't matter where this is headed... Only that you have a method for best driving forward

White boarding it, we take stock of where you're at right now

And hone in on what matters most right now? Take a guess... (Hint: before you're thinking of upside, start here!)

We focus on the strategies and tactics that might matter to you most right now

Drilling into how you best navigate right now, we introduce you to the Dual-Track Roadmap 

We then go deeper into your 2 Workstreams, which, as we talk about is, actually 3!

Get clear on what has changed, what hasn't, and how you best respond now

Under the new rules of engagement (e.g. less meetings), how do you keep creating opportunities? 

With all the noise right now, we get focused on the ONLY 3 things you control: 

Learn how what you think drives everything that you do

Get clear on your current beliefs and identify the beliefs that most serve you in driving forward right now

Map out your emotions and optimize how you feel to drive massive success

Be a source of strength to clients, colleagues, even senior management, through these challenging times

Actions, actions, actions... We finish up this video with a powerful exercise to map out your most powerful actions.
 Get The ONE Program For Winning In your Wall Street Career NOW— Limited time only

Video 3:  Driving More Winning Next

What is Next? When does Now end and Next begin?

We begin by getting clear on how you drive from Now to Next

Again we whiteboard taking stock of your career, building on past successes, and looking out ahead

3 best guesses what happens Next? You don't need to guess, only to have this method for driving forward!

Discover the secret to navigating forward without knowing where it’s headed

Learn the Dirty Secret for Getting What You Want, so you can keep driving forward even if you don't know what you want! 

Dive into my ultra powerful system for driving your Wall Street career anywhere you want

Learn the Two Secrets for Doing What You Want... And see how with just these two components you can get drive wherever you want

Leverage the true power of process and skills, which, if you understand how to harness, will take you anywhere you want:

Diving deeper into the system, you'll learn the most simple method to defining what you want as a process to keep moving forward

Why most goal setting is wrong, and how defining what you want as a process is far more powerful (and sensible)

Harnessing the Dual-Track Roadmap again you'll see how to simply drive multiple paths forward at the same time

Then, well, then my friends, we dive into Getting It...

What does it ACTUALLY mean to be Getting It? 

Getting It is the INTELLIGENCE INSIDE THE SYSTEM that we lay out together for driving you forward

Getting It is EVERYTHING to winning in your career on Wall Street

And this ONE meta-principle is EVERYTHING to Getting It... (Hint: it rhymes with Dalue, Dalue, Dalue!)

Inside we go deeper into specific models for you to drive more and more, and get more and more of what you want!

Once again here we come back to your highest value actions

I hope you're seeing that we're not just doing this in "theory," but even in this short program, we're doing our best to build your method and get clear on your highest value actions for driving Now, Next, and Long-term

Finally we finish up this section coming back to something more important than what you do...

YOU! And we lay out some ideas on what it takes to build you into the person who can powerfully drive forward:

Video 4: Driving More Winning Long-term

Now, this here is my jam, and we make it your jam too!

Sure, it's hugely valuable to have a method for knowing exactly how to keep driving forward Now and Next...

But don't you want a method to drive your winning all the way to what you truly want?

Here we extend our vision, and lay out your path to keep driving you all the way home

To keep stepping forward, again we take stock of where you're headed

And step back into what you need for driving your long-term track—the Dirty Secret, Dual-Track,  Getting It

Here we also go deeper into this ONE meta-principle for Getting It (Remember, hint, Dalue!): 

A reason many people fail to create the career they want ISN'T because they lack a plan—it's that often we're told planning should be long and complicated

Inside you learn a method for planning only what you need to

And discover a method to Plan and Execute that makes it super simple for you to keep driving forward: 

And once again, we don't just talk having a plan...

Together we whiteboard it, making a mess, drawing up some plans that you can be executing right away!

Your Plan won't look much like ‘A Plan’ to someone else, but it's exactly what you need it to be...

Using the Dual-Track Roadmap, you simply build Your Plan visually

This simple and quick Plan can take you far, and planning just another layer deeper takes you even further, faster!

With Your Plan in hand, your process is laid out

Now we come back to discuss the power of Process & Skills 

And how you bring together Your Plan with a simple and powerful method for Getting Skills

We lack the time to go deep into this, but in the workbook you'll see the Principles and Practices to learn these 4 Power Tools quickly and easily

And you'll also discover a simple system to build your skills all the way to mastery: 

As if it's not enough to have a powerful system for driving your Wall Street career...

In wrapping up this program we go deep into specific methods for perhaps what might matter more to you—how, specifically, do you get paid and promoted?

Not, in general, but what specific methods can you design and execute to get paid and promoted?

Instead of hoping that other people recognize your value and massively pay and promote you... 

Learn to skillfully and subtly Broadcast Your Value

And maybe I shouldn't have left this to last, but...

Have a method for Getting Out

Many get stuck at the door trying to leave—learn why

And get your hands on a simple method for you to get out if you decide it's your time to leave!

Video 5: Recap And 90 Days More Winning

In the final video we briefly recap what we've covered. 

Looking back you review what you've built in this program.

Together, we haven't just covered ideas, but you've built your method for taking your best actions Now...


And Long-term.

So that by the end of this program you have what you need to keep driving forward.

And then after recapping what you need, we talk about what more you might want!

To take these ideas to an entirely new level and work through together a method for 90 Days of Driving More Winning in your career on Wall Street!
Don't Just Take My Word For It
Check Out The Amazon Reviews From My Book This Program Is Based On
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"Try and read this first before anybody else does."
— Managing Director, Investment Bank
Awesome. Having read hundreds of 'success' and self-help books, I expected more fluffy, feel-good, useless ideas. I got it anyway because of the Wall Street twist, and I'll never be the same. Geoff lays out an actionable, step-by-step repeatable system for getting exactly what you want out of Wall Street, any career, your family and your life. Geoff's direct, no-holds-bared, "this is what it is" style cuts thru the BS that typically buries the idea of self-help.

I'll never buy another Success book because after over 20 years, I found what I've been searching for. Instead of wasting my time sifting thru more fluffy self-help crap, I'm going to implement his process and start consciously directing my life, to make it exactly what I want it to be...
There is more practical wisdom in this book than in anything else you will read. Not just advice, or ideas, but tools, processes, ways to sharpen your own talents. Geoff Blades has spent years studying every aspect of human motivation, psychology, development, persuasion and organizational behaviour. Combined with his own experience on Wall Street and his work with a cohort of relentlessly driven executives, he has created a guide to getting what you want that you should hide from your rivals. What Geoff can teach you is that ideas and dreams are built into reality one belief, one mental state and one action, at a time. Those who understand how to navigate the journey will arrive at their destination sooner, will almost certainly feel happier, and will know that it is a process true to their deepest desires. That can help you on Wall Street for sure, and some would say the game of life itself.
I found the book unique because of Geoff’s focus on the emotional and mental steps to develop oneself into the type of person who can execute the strategies he lays out. He has some great insights. One example for me is defining your goals as a process you execute instead of an end point. May sound simple, but when he lays out all the implications of truly thinking about goal setting this way, it really helped me think about my career in a new light. The book is quite dense, and I keep some notes in my planner to review periodically. Geoff is definitely putting out some great material on social media as well, and I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.
I honestly can’t recommend this book enough. It’s compelling, inspiring, and most importantly- relatable. He does something that most authors fail to achieve, and that is making the goal of having a successful career obtainable, without sugarcoating the difficulties that accompany it.
The best book I've ever read on transforming one's career and life. The book is structured very well, in that you can always go back and reference the material and principles. I don't even work on WS, and the principles in this book can be applied to any career.
We live in a highly competitive world. This book is neither soft nor fluffy. Rather it's a tremendous tool that helps the reader actively build a step-by-step process for achieving the career you desire. In fact it's so good, I almost hope you don't read it.
Actionable guide for those looking to get the life they've dreamed of, on and off of Wall Street. Geared towards financial professionals, but really applicable to all industries. Includes traditional development ideas mixed with new concepts for personal and professional development. Geoff gets it. Highly recommend!!!
There are many reasons why you will never leave your job. Nevertheless, many are dreaming of career change, a salary raise, or really telling the boss that.... Wrapped into his own Wall Street experience, former investment banker, now consultant Geoff Blades, shares the lessons he learned and practices from many self-help and management books, and job positions. Fortunately for non-Wall Street talents, Do What You Want on Wall Street, teaches you a framework (The System) to do what you want. As a child, you were never taught to do what you want. Rather, you were taught to do what you parents and teachers wanted. The System consists of 5 main steps: define it; getting it; plan it; execute it; and getting skills. Getting skills is the practical part, although all steps are broken down into smaller steps or supported by other multi-step models, packed with exercises. Blades spent thousands of hours to plan his career development and delving books to find a structure like The System.

The author warns his audience that really doing what you want not only takes deliberate choices, discipline and perseverance. The approach may come across as radical or extreme. To stand out amidst the competence, and climb the steep slope of the organizational pyramid - here's where Wall Street is illustrative - boldness and communication are key. Your career is 100 percent you responsibility. Blades drew from well-known sources like Stephen R. Covey, Robert Kaplan, Timothy Ferriss, Daniel Kahneman, among others.
Geoff Blades worked on Wall Street for a long while, eventually making his way up the chain to become a VP at Goldman Sachs. After living through the negative effects of two major economic downturns, though, he began to question what he wanted from life. Eventually he quit his job and, after many years of reading and research, he became a career coach. Do What You Want on Wall Street is essentially a comprehensive manual for developing your career, and Blades's main point is that you have to be intentional about your choices from the start. You need to define what you want in your career, develop a process for getting it, and then build yourself into the person who can achieve it. He offers a five-step system for accomplishing this.

Some of the tips I appreciated most from this book:

(*) You don't need to know exactly what you want from your job at first; you just need to know the general direction you want to go.
(*) Spend 10 minutes telling yourself the story of your life every morning--where you are going and how you are going to get where you want to go.
(*) Know the "character" of who you need to be to get what you want out of meeting, negotiation, or other interaction.
(*) Commit to the path in front of you, but always be considering your options.
(*) In other words, don't wait for change to happen to you. Always be on the offensive, looking for ways to move and advance in your career.
(*) Always be developing your SELF. Read, meditate, grow.

And there is so much more information and advice in here. Most of it is insightful and helpful, and I think people currently working (or planning on working) on Wall Street sill benefit from reading it...
I am an active journal writer, asking myself why I acted in the ways I have, what I have been succumbing to, what I am asserting my will on, what I am making excuses for, etc.,

I just finished listening to his audiobook twice around just to get a grasp of all the great information you have to give, and now i’m going over it once again to write down everything that you’ve said and apply it into my life.

I love his chapter introduction quotes, the way that he breaks down the book and each chapter into easily understood and digestible bits, the way that he makes all of your information actionable – even giving us steps to take in order to start us off.

My main goal when looking around for books to read is to find a book that helps me break out of my current perspective so that I can possibly realize more of my blindspots and ways to mitigate them so that I can reach a new level of character and a new level of life… This book does just that.

This is one of those books that can tremendously change the way that you play the game because it gives you a holistic approach for achieving your dreams.
This book is amazing. Written with insightful, pragmatic and intelligent prose it opens up your thought process so that you’re actually playing your life choices in the back of your mind while you’re reading in real time. No matter the situation it coaxes you to consider who you were and what you were doing that led to the choices you made in your life. I reveled in previous successes and winced at some not ideal decisions. And as someone who doesn't even work on Wall Street I was very pleasantly surprised at how applicable Geoff's insights were to my personal choices and my career. The process of reading and taking notes cracked open new ideas of what I want to do and how I’m going to get there. Unexpected and wonderful. I can’t thank you enough for putting the 1,000s of hours into researching and distilling what most of us, including myself, would never attempt. I look forward to mastering this and paying it forward.
I don’t work on Wall Street, but I found this book very helpful in thinking through my career.

Even though I thought I was clear on what I wanted for my business, this book forced me to step back and get clear on where I was headed and how I imagined I would get there.

Then, as I worked through, it gave me a clear and actionable steps I could take to keep building my business over time.

I should say, this book is not a casual read. Geoff challenges you every step of the way to keep dreaming of what you want and to every day take the actions to keep building it, and I don’t think you will get much value from just reading it once and then putting it away.

I will also say, if you don’t work on Wall Street there are a lot of ideas that are not relevant, and I would get even more benefit if it related to all careers.
Get The Method For Winning More In This Uncertain Time

How Valuable Might This
Be For You Now?

A Winning Method Built For Your Wall Street Career

  • A Winning Method: The method I wish someone handed me I built for you!
  • ​Your Method: Not just "a" method, but together we're building YOUR method
  • For Wall Street: Built by a Wall Streeter for your career on Wall Street

A Winning Method Built For NOW

  • Built For Hard and Uncertain Times: Like Now!
  • Know Exactly How To Keep Driving Forward: For Now, what comes Next, and Long-term
  • Highly Actionable Method: You can use now, and for the rest of your career! 

A Short-ish Highly Actionable Method

  • Short Enough and Long Enough: I've distilled my best methods into a short-ish program! 
  • Not Just Theory: We lay it out, and whiteboard some of it for your workbook
  • So You Can Put It To Work Now: Not to know you can, but together you actually are

Built To Be Highly Accessible And Affordable

  • Relative To My High Priced Services And Programs: Built to be affordable
  • ​Works For You In Any Job And At Every Level: No matter how senior, this System is built to work
  • Built To Give You What You Need: For driving Now, Next, and Long-term!


  • Included is an electronic version of my book for Doing What You Want on Wall Street
  • And A 30 Page Workbook that you can use for mapping out the rest of your career!
  • Get Access To One Of My Masterclasses For 90% Off!
  • ​A Chance To Go Deeper With Me For 30% Off!

What Might This Be Worth To You?

  • To Know What To Do Now? To be clear on what to do, and be doing it
  • Protect Your Downside: No matter what happens, be best prepared
  • Keep Driving Your Upside: A powerful method to drive your career all the way!
  • What Would You Invest For Your Most Amazing Career And Life? What have you already invested!?

What Would You Expect To Pay For All This? 



10X Or Your Money Back!

This program is built to deliver massive value to you, and if you don't feel like I've delivered, I'll happily refund you...

And fire myself for providing such little value to you!

For Driving Your Career All The Way!

For Driving Your Wall Street Career All The Way To What You Truly Want!
Working hard isn't enough. To get paid more, promoted faster, create more options, and build one of those truly legendary Wall Street careers you need a winning method
  • Based on 20 years of research and battle-tested in my own career at Goldman and Carlyle as well as the careers of my senior Wall Street clients and founders
  • A proven end-to-end method for crushing your career on Wall Street, in good times, and especially in the HARD times like now
  • Get beyond feeling like someone else has you by the reigns, and feel confident you've taken full control of your career
  • ​How to stop working so damn hard and QUICKLY get your career working hard for YOU! 
  • And do all this by actually working less and enjoying your job more than perhaps you thought was even possible!
About Geoff
A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and investor at the Carlyle Group Geoff Blades is an advisor to CEOs, founders, and senior Wall Street leaders on getting what you want in your business, career, and life. 

He is the author of four books and creator of dozens of ground-breaking programs for creating the career and life you truly want.
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