the one program built FOR YOUr wall street career right now - available for a limited time only
Especially in UNCERTAIN times you want a method for 

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What You'll Learn: 

What You Do NOW!

We've come through a massive shock to the system. By all accounts, Wall Street has held up well, yet what will happen from here?

 Wherever this is headed, with this method you'll be confident you have a plan and know what to do, NOW!

What To Do "Next"

Wherever this is headed Next, you want to stay on track. What will happen in the economy? What happens on Wall Street? Back on a roll, or will heads roll? 

No matter what comes Next, you will have your Next best strategies and tactics

Driving Long-term

The worst isn't what happens Now or Next. It's when things get hard, how many people give up on what they truly want! 

We're not only focused on navigating Now and Next, but developing your method to keep driving towards the life you TRULY want!

What Does This Mean For Your Career?

It's a strange time on Wall Street, isn't it? 

Relative to the massive shock that has closed down the economy and your life, Wall Street has stayed open.

The markets are strong. 

Banking in some parts has gotten even stronger!

Hedge funds have generally done well.

VC and PE is a mixed-bag, some troubled investments, but also new opportunities.

If you only had your eye on Wall Street, you might not see the carnage on Main Street. 

Nor the risk that might be headed your way. 

What does this mean for you and your career on Wall Street?

It's impossible to know!

In some ways you can just keep your head down, working hard.

But in other ways,  it's a dangerous time where you want to pick your head up and get clear where you're driving.

I Know This All Too Well 

You might recall about six months before all hell broke loose in 2008, Bear Stearns went bust. 

Back then as a distressed debt investor at the Carlyle Group, we thought the system might topple over.

But it wasn't until Lehman blew up in September the carnage really began. 

It was another massive shock on Wall Street when I first began this work back in 2000.

Based in Goldman's tech banking group in Menlo Park, when the Internet bubble burst, everything changed.

Overnight, especially in Silicon Valley, along with the Nasdaq, the economy imploded.

Banking business dried up.

Comp was slashed.

Round after round of layoffs began.

Then we had 9/11.

Careers were stopped in their tracks. 

All this led me to step back and begin thinking about my career differently.

Which some 15 years later became my first book—Doing What You Want on Wall Street.

And today informs the work I do advising senior Wall Street executives, founders and their firms. 

This Program Is Built To Work For You NOW!

This program isn't just built to work in any career. 

It's not even just a unique program built for getting what you want in your Wall Street career.

This program is built to work for you right now!

And I mean RIGHT NOW, in this post-Covid world.

For you to look out in the world, with absolutely zero clue where this is headed.

Perhaps without any clue of where you want to be headed!

But still map your path to keep driving forward. 

This program is built to be highly actionable

In a handful of hours, I've sought to deliver you just what you need now.

Together we work through the most important ideas and methods in my book, applying them to right now. 

These same methods I've been working through with my 5 and 6 figure private clients and their teams.

Looking out into this highly uncertain world focusing on—

 1. What you want to be thinking and doing to navigate right now

 2. How you keep navigating whatever comes Next

 3. No matter where this is headed, how you keep driving towards your long-term goals
If You're Senior And Want To Discuss This With Me
I only work with senior clients on 5 or 6 figure annual retainers. If this is you and you're serious about best navigating this uncertain time, let's jump on a call and discuss. 

My clients have worked at:

Hear The Word On The Street
“Try and read this first before anybody else does.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“Is success in your Wall Street career worth the cost of a book and ten hours of your time? If the answer is ‘no,’ then you’ve chosen the wrong profession. If the answer is ‘yes,’ buy this book, read it, and use it. There is no better guide to helping you navigate your way up the ladder to a senior position on Wall Street.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
This is not just business for Geoff, it is intensely personal. For as long as I have known him this work has been his obsession, and Geoff has stopped at nothing to build mastery of these topics. For nearly 10 years Geoff’s advice has been priceless to me and my team in building my own firm.”
Adam Checchi, CEO, Founder, Checchi Capital
“Success at the highest levels requires never-ending improvement. Geoff not only helps me to keep bringing my best, but to also feel more happy and energized every single day.
President, Investment Bank
“After more than four decades on Wall Street, I engaged Geoff to help me make transformational changes in my career and life. All my life I have been a student of philosophy and personal mastery, but what Geoff is able to do you will not find in any book... other than this one.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“I have known Geoff both personally and professionally for 20 years. He was a star performer and inspiration to his colleagues at Goldman Sachs then, and he’s transformed himself into a ‘mental accelerator’ and world-class success coach now. Geoff has proven to be an invaluable resource to our fund and portfolio as he helps us navigate management, sales execution and interpersonal mastery.”
Shahram Seyedin-Noor, CEO, Founder, Civilization Ventures
“Someone once told me, if Geoff is offering to work with you, jump all over it. So, let me say, if you can get Geoff’s best ideas for a fraction of the cost of one hour with him, leap, jump, get all over it!”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“I came to Geoff when I was evaluating retirement. Geoff not only helped me quickly reach my decision to stay, he then helped me chart a course for taking my career to an entirely new level. Inside this book you will see some of the secrets that make him my secret weapon for success on Wall Street.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“You have to read this. In this guide Blades takes you into the realms of the work he does with his clients—far beyond the thousands of books and years of research that influenced his thinking, to the processes and systems he’s developed for putting the best ideas to work.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“Working with Geoff has been transformational. He has changed the way I pursue specific professional goals, as well as how I think about my life overall. The time we have spent together has been invaluable.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“Geoff just gets it. He understands that our ability to achieve rests within our own abilities, and he allows you to unlock it. If you are committed to be your best, then you owe it to yourself to read this guide.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“Right place right time. Some guys have all the luck. I used these excuses to rationalize my flattened career trajectory. Geoff helped me take calculated steps to break this cycle and reinvent myself, and thereby reattain happiness and fulfillment in my life.”
Principal, Private Equity

The Winning Method From My Book For Best Navigating Now

Over 15 years I reseached and wrote the ONE book I wish someone handed me for creating the Wall Street career and life you TRULY want. Together we apply the best ideas and method to navigating your Wall Street career NOW.

How Valuable Might This
Be For You Now?

A Winning Method Built For Your Wall Street Career

  • A Winning Method: Over 15 years I built this method I wish someone handed me.
  • ​Your Method: Not just "a" method, but together we're building YOUR method
  • For Wall Street: Built by a Wall Streeter for your career on Wall Street

A Winning Method Built For NOW

  • Built For Hard and Uncertain Times: Like Now!
  • Know Exactly How To Keep Driving Forward: For Now, what comes Next, and Long-term
  • Highly Actionable Method: You can use now, and for the rest of your career! 

A Fast To Learn, Easy, Highly Actionable Method

  • Short Enough and Long Enough: I've distilled my best methods into a short program
  • You'll Get It Fast: We lay it out, and whiteboard some of it for your workbook
  • So You Can Put It To Work Easily and Quickly: Not to know you can, but together you actually are

Highly Accessible And Affordable

  • Affordable and Accessible For Any Wall Streeter: Unlike my private client services
  • ​Works For You In Any Job And At Every Level: No matter how senior, this System is built to work for you
  • Built To Give You What You Need: For driving Now, Next, and Long-term!


  • Included is a pdf of my book for Doing What You Want on Wall Street
  • You get a 30 Page Workbook that you can use for mapping out the rest of your career
  • Get Access To One Of My Masterclasses For 90% Off!
  • ​A Chance To Go Even Deeper With Me For 30% Off!

What Might This Be Worth To You?

  • To Know What To Do Now? To be clear on what to do, and be doing it
  • Protect Your Downside: No matter what happens, be best prepared
  • Keep Driving Your Upside: A powerful method to drive your career all the way!
  • What Would You Invest For Your Career And Life? What have you already invested!?

What Would You Expect To 
Invest For This? 



10X Or Your Money Back!

This program is built to deliver massive value to you, and if you don't feel like I've delivered, I'll happily refund you...

And fire myself for providing such little value to you!

Get The Method For Winning More In This Uncertain Time

For Driving Your Career Now

Navigating This Uncertain Time All The Way To What You Truly Want!
Especially in these strange times, you want a proven method—
  • Based on 20 years research and battle-tested in my career at Goldman and Carlyle as well as the careers of my senior Wall Street clients
  • A proven end-to-end method for crushing your career on Wall Street, in good times, and especially in times like now
  • Get beyond feeling like someone else has you by the reigns, and feel confident you've taken full control of your career
  • ​How to ensure all your hard work has your career working hard for you
  • And do all this by working less and enjoying your job more than perhaps you thought was even possible!
About Geoff
A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and investor at the Carlyle Group Geoff Blades is an advisor to CEOs, founders, and senior Wall Street leaders on getting what you want in your business, career, and life. 

He is the author of four books and creator of dozens of ground-breaking programs for creating the career and life you truly want.
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