Live Your Ultimate Days Right Now, WITHOUT Changing Anything In Your Life! (yes, even in lockdown)
 Get the Ultimate System For Thinking Ultimate, Feeling Ultimate, Taking Your Ultimate Actions
How many days do you feel you really crushed? That at the end of the day you're looking back feeling you made the most of it?
Get your hands on this revolutionary system you can easily put to work for thinking your best, feeling your best, and taking your best actions each and every day
  • Take control of your days by taking your best actions so that you get done what matters to YOU, regardless of what the world throws at you
  • ​Think and feel your best irrespective of what's going on around you, even when the world is going to hell (yes, really!)
  • Become unstoppable by unleashing your greatest asset – the massive torrents of energy hidden within you
  • Bounce into every day with laser focus that could burn through solid steel
  • Crush obstacles by doing the one thing that will have THEM fearing you (and not the other way around)
  • Optimize what matters most every day with a system and tools that allow you to go from one victory to the next, day after day
  • ​Turn your Ultimate Days into your Ultimate Nights
About Your Presenter
A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Geoff Blades is an advisor to CEOs, senior Wall Street professionals and other leaders on driving game-changing results in your business and life. 

He is the author of four books and creator of revolutionary programs for building yourself into the person who can go for what you truly want in your business, career and life.
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What others say about geoff's masterclasses
"Geoff Blades is a true systems thinker – taking many of the hardest challenges in the professional world and breaking them down into individual steps. This is personal development for the thinking person, who may already be elite but wants to get better. Geoff’s approach has been invaluable to my own journey."
Chris, Partner, Top Tier Consulting Firm
"Raising capital for my real estate projects was at a complete standstill. I met with Geoff and the methods he taught me in this Masterclass made it seamless for me to complete my raise and gave me access to build the processes and structure that I’m applying to all of my raises."
Benjamin Navi, Founder, CEO
"There is undeniable improvement in my life after I completed Geoff’s Masterclass on Training Your Limitless Mind. I now have a better understanding of the relationship between my thoughts, feelings and actions. Thoughts and feelings drive actions, but your actions also drive thoughts and feelings! This is why taking action is so critical to building positive momentum in life!"
Gregg S
"I’ve finished the Winning Every Meeting course. In fact I had to go through it twice because there is so much to digest! What I’ve discovered is that I was able to apply the same framework to almost every other aspect of your life (not just meetings). Just WOW! I’ve taken Geoff’s principles and adapted them to my way of thinking and process and started to apply them."
Jose G, Chief Financial Officer
"Crazy Job is a systematic mind training to get what you want. It changes my perspective from being stuck in a position to seeing endless possibilities and executing on my strategies. It is still not an effortless process to achieve my end goal but Geoff’s Masterclass helps me to make a leap and focus on what matters the most. I have much more clarity on my goals and how to get there after listening to the tracks multiple times."
YM, Venture Capital Investor
"Started Ultimate Days yesterday and got a lot out of it already! Today I woke up and got out of bed immediately and hopped into a cold shower, did some deep breathing exercises when I got out and then drank lots of water. Energy has been great all day! I then tackled my hardest tasks of the day and ate that frog! Rest of the day has been great. I’m going to work on optimizing my AM routine these next few days."
Jack M
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