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learn from Jeff and elon TO achieve your most ambitious goals, fast—Without decades of triaL & error
"use these 12 hidden principles to Rocket to the top like musk & bezos" 

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whY the 12 hidden principles of bezos and musk? 

This is NOT a program on what Elon and Jeff have achieved, FAST—though I'll say I learned more on achieving your most ambitious goals doing this program than any other single source in my decades of this work.

It is NOT about how they rapidly catapulted to the richest people in the world—though you will learn tons on how they've created great wealth and how you might too.

It is NOT only about how you achieve world-changing goals—though you will learn a powerful method that helps you achieve on this scale, or any goals in your career, business, life.

In fact, this program is NOT about Elon and Jeff at all—it's about YOU.

And how you can use these 12 Hidden Principles of Musk and Bezos to rocket to the top too. 
This Is A Shortcut

This is not a program on “overnight success" ... but if you put this to work you will most certainly create more success than you're having now in your career or business, FAST. Why can I say this?

Because everyone can use these 12 Hidden Principles I've decoded from Jeff and Elon to create more success... no matter who you are and what you do. 

Your goals might NOT be on the world-changing scale of Elon and Jeff, or you might not even know what your goals are, but if you are serious about achieving, these 12 Principles will powerfully work for you.

What You'll Learn

Visionary Goals

Jeff and Elon set goals very differently to even other highly successful people, and the OPPOSITE to how we're typically taught. Whatever your goals, with this method you can shoot as far as you can, as quickly as possible. 

Limitless Minds

You can't think ordinary and expect extraordinary results. Elon and Jeff think different to most and on crucial topics, such as  risk and failure, the opposite to even most high achievers.  You can learn their advantage. 

Unstoppable Actions

EXTREME Bias For Action is our first principle of Actions, and it tells you how Jeff and Elon operate. Think you need a business plan? Waiting for the perfect time? They keep taking action, rapidly improving every step of the way. 

"Is He The ONLY Ambitious One?"

This question a client's 14 year-old son asked began this work for me. 

It was the day of a SpaceX launch and he'd been watching in awe as Musk's rocket soared.

And then almost stuck the vertical landing before toppling over and exploding. 
His mind was blown how Elon could even conceive such things, let alone how one person can be building a handful of world-changing companies. 

"Why AREN'T more people doing these things that matter?" He asked. 

"Is he the ONLY ambitious one?"

I said there are MANY people doing things that matter in our world. 
But there are LOTS of reasons why even few highly-successful people will take on hard goals like Elon.

I didn't know much about Elon back then, but my mind was piqued.

I wanted to know more.

And I was SHOCKED by what I discovered. 

EVERYBODY needs to know this.

"Starting Companies Is Like Staring Into The Abyss And Eating Glass"

13 years ago this Christmas Eve, Elon Musk was almost broke.

The two companies he'd poured all of his wealth into were on the brink of bankruptcy.

Only a last minute loan would keep his businesses and vision alive. 

That's what Elon describes as staring into the abyss.

For years and maybe decades of your company's life you might be FIGHTING just to keep your baby alive. 
The eating glass part, well, I'll let him explain here. 

Elon is hardcore

He goes ALL IN and does what it takes to get it done.

And on that Christmas Eve, with nearly all his chips already on the table, Elon wrote the first check.

Others followed.
Through sheer force of Elon's WILL Tesla and SpaceX survived, and soon started to thrive.  

In just over a decade since, he's become one of the two richest in the world.

And MORE importantly, he's achieving his world-changing missions.

"Looking Back On My Life, I Want To Have Minimized The Number Of Regrets I Have"

Not so long ago the other richest in the world, Jeff Bezos, was sitting in a top job on Wall Street. 

He was recently married.

Had moved into a new home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

And was facing one of those tough career decisions. 

Seeing the Internet growing at a whopping 2,300%, Jeff imagined leaving his stable job to start the everything store. 
He didn't know if he could build it.

In fact, he thought there was a 70% chance he'd FAIL.

Yet the decision was easy for Jeff, because he had a powerful framework.

Rather than feeling stuck unable to move forward he was imagining himself looking back at age 80 having minimized his regrets

"I Am Not My Stock Price"

Amazon worked fast, in the first month, but Jeff's darker days were yet to come. 

One thing some people may forget is that in the early days many were betting Amazon would FAIL

During the carnage of the Internet bust in 2000 Amazon's stock dived from $106 to $6.

Some questioned whether Amazon could outgrow its fixed cost baseor how it would compete with online giants such as eBay. 

Jeff wrote "I am not my stock price" on his whiteboard and just kept driving Amazon forward. 

Today Amazon is valued at some $1.7 trillion, up from a value of $120 billion just a decade ago. 

The everything store has worked so well that Jeff has handed off the CEO role to focus on his next mission.

"I Think It Is Possible For Ordinary People To Choose To Be Extraordinary”

That's a quote from Elon.

It's natural to think that he's talking about ordinary folks like you and me.

But he's talking about himself.

In many ways, he's just an ordinary person, an immigrant living the American Dream, doing extraordinary things.

To be sure, Elon and Jeff started life with some extraordinary gifts and advantages.
But even just watch a few of these videos and you QUICKLY see it is their extraordinary ways of thinking and doing that has produced extraordinary success. 

For example, consider just two of the Principles that decode their extraordinary success—how they take [Unreasonable] Risk and Use Failure. 

You see that they think and operate the OPPOSITE of even most highly-successful people.

It's easy to think that people like Elon and Jeff are immune to the fear that holds many of us back. 

There is some truth as we discuss that their experiences have them thinking about risk and failure in different ways. 

Yet, what you hear from Elon here is that he feels fear like the rest of us. It's just he never lets it hold him back from doing what most matters to him.

No matter the roadblock, Elon and Jeff keep forging forward, ferociously.

"Step By Step Ferociously"

You might know this motto for Jeff's space-faring venture, Blue Origin.

He started it in 2000 but in typical Bezos secrecy, he's talked little about it until recent years.

Instead he's just been doing what he's done for decades at AmazonStep by step, ferociously.
When I began this work I knew little about Jeff.

But as soon as I started digging I could see the same patterns emerging. 

Yes, Jeff and Elon have many extraordinary gifts, as all of us do, yet it is their extraordinary methods that have driven their extraordinary success, FAST.

This is why I saw we all NEED to know this. 

If only we were taught more of these methods, what more could be possible for you? 

I dream of a world where ALL OF US are capable of achieving our most important goals, unlocking our potential, living our dreams.

And I imagine just what could be possible for humanity, if MANY more of us had extraordinary ways for achieving, and were taking on world-changing goals.

Why don't more of us know this? 

Or think and operate in these extraordinary ways? 

None Of This Is Your Fault

A positive way of saying it—Jeff and Elon prove just how MUCH IMPACT one person can have.

A less positive way of saying it—even in our modern world, why are so few of us capable of achieving the life we TRULY want?

Let alone taking on world changing-missions?

NOBODY teaches you this.

In fact, nobody teaches you much of ANYTHING about success, let alone achieving world-changing goals. 
There SHOULDN'T be a mystery to this. 

For thousands of years we've known the secrets to what it takes to dream big and achieve.

But too FEW of us have this knowledge or are taught how to best use it. 

You see this in Jeff and Elon's methods, where they think and operate so DIFFERENTLY. 
As I keep pointing out, Elon and Jeff often think the OPPOSITE to how even highly successful people operate.

Or to what you're taught in even top business SCHOOLS—such as their perspective on business plans or meetings. 

This DIFFERENCE in their thinking on such CRUCIAL topics like risk and failure is game-changing, such as you see here with Jeff laughing about his billions of dollars of failures at Amazon.

"The Smallest Steps Lead to
Quantum Leaps"

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins and ends with one small step.

All achieving happens the same way. 

Jeff didn't need to know how he would build the everything store, but he did need to start and keep growing.

Elon doesn't know if he can reach Mars, but taking powerful actions he's well on his way. 

Just one small step forward can quantum leap you a LONG WAY. 

See, this to me is the crux of my client's 14 year-old son's question—
"Is Elon the ONLY ambitious one?"

No. Of course NOT. 

I know MANY hardcore, highly ambitious people who dream of doing extraordinary things.  

It's just most of them get stuck not knowing what they want or lacking deep conviction for anything. 

Or they're missing a step, or piece of the puzzle.
Without this, no matter how much they want it, they'll NEVER do anything extraordinary.

A prime example is the one I keep using—being extremely risk averse and terrified of failure keeps nearly every highly capable person I've ever met middling in mediocrity. 

See, and this is what MOST fires me up about this program—

I've seen time and time again that just one puzzle piece, or tiniest new step can drive QUANTUM LEAPS, fast.

That's what we're focused on together in this program. 

And a quantum leap further too. 

A Transformational Method To
Upgrade YOU 

It's one thing to know all of this, and another to transform yourself into the person who can do it. 

This is the CRUCIAL distinction between information and TRANSFORMATION. 

You see there is TONS of information out there on Elon and Jeff but NONE that creates TRANSFORMATION. 

Transformation doesn't just happen by CONSUMING information, but through powerful methods.

Seeking to build the absolute BEST methods, over 9 years I developed a system for RAPID transformation called Upgrade YOU.

This system quickly achieves QUANTUM leaps in your career, business, life by getting to heart of all achieving:
By CONTINOUSLY upgrading your goals, mind, and actions you can drive even your most ambitious goals all the way. 

Round and round you go...

Continuously iterating all the way to Mars, if that's your goal. 

Upgrade YOU is the FASTEST and best method I can currently imagine for achieving even your most ambitious goals.

So I brought it together with the 12 Hidden Principles of Elon and Jeff into this transformational program for you.

The 12 Hidden Principles For
Transforming YOU

This is a TRANSFORMATIONAL program.

Just watching videos of Elon and Jeff might be enough for you.

But if you're looking to make quantum leaps and enormously increase your capabilities for achieving even your most ambitious goals, that's what this program is built to do for you. 

The 12 Hidden Principles I've decoded from Elon and Jeff over countless hours of meticulous research. 

Reading books, watching videos, talking to people in my network who are close to them, I started with over 900 pages of ideas and dozens of principles for each Jeff and Elon. 

Over thousands of hours this was distilled to these 12 Principles and Practices:

 12 Weeks To Transformed

As I said up top, this program is NOT about Elon and Jeff.

It is about using these 12 Hidden Principles to help YOU rocket more like they do.  

Each week we cover just one principle and practice in roughly one hour.

Doing this we are focused on JUST the highest value knowledge that you want to know on each PRINCIPLE, structured into powerful paradigms that you can learn quickly and put to work right away.

Because we're bringing together the Principle and Practice each week, you'll see you're not just learning information, but transforming along the way. 

So in just 12 weeks, you will have transformed the way you achieve even your most ambitious goals

Working through it at this pace makes it more manageable, and gives you time each week to do the practice and integrate your learning. 

But as the videos are available to you, you can work through this program faster, or even slower if you choose.

Also because we are building your workbook together in the practices you will build your method so you can keep continuously upgrading, driving your goals as far as you want, as quickly as possible.

The 2 Hidden Levers May Reveal To You

Finally, a note on the 2 Hidden Levers that you see at the bottom of the chart on the 12 Hidden Principles. 

We will NOT be covering these in this program, although from time to time I'll drop hints alluding to them. 

These 2 Hidden Levers ARE NOT decoded from Elon and Jeff.

They are the two most important learnings I have ON THESE TOPICS. 

In my research over tens of thousands of hours, in decades of studying thousands of years of the greatest human knowledge, I’ve decoded these 2 Hidden Levers.

They are the TRUE LEVERS to creating your most magical reality.

You see them time and time again in the hands of the master builders, including Jeff and Elon. 

Perhaps you already know what these levers are, or throughout this program they will reveal themselves to you. 

Yet, keep in mind whether you identify them or not, together I am pulling the 2 Hidden Levers with you.

That's because this program was developed to build up to what matters most, YOU: 

Yes, It's TRUE, You Can Rocket To The Top Too 

The 12 Hidden Principles don't just show you how Elon and Jeff achieve extraordinary goals.

They give you a method so that you can rocket even your most ambitious goals all the way to the success you want too. 

Not every goal is possible, but with a powerful method to set your sights on your vision and keep forging forward, you make more things possible.

Get "The 12 Hidden Principles" Working For YOU

(How Everyone Can Achieve Their Most Ambitious Goals, Even If You Don't Know What They Are)

Learn The Hidden Principles On How Jeff And Elon Rocket To The Top And How You Can Too:  

  • ​A transforming method: For achieving even your most ambitious goals
  • Define your goals: Whether small or world-changing, get clear on your vision and paths forward
  • ​Align how you think and feel: For achieving what most matters to you
  • ​Get clear on your actions: And keep taking steps all the way to the quantum leaps you want 
Achieve Goals That Change THE World... Or Just Your World 
Elon often says how not everyone should take on world-changing goals.  And one thing we talk about in the introduction is the most important thing you can do is focus on what matters most to you. Whether in your career or business, chasing goals that change THE world or just your world, this program will work for you. 
Limited Time ONLY

Inside This Program, Here's Some Of What You'll See From Jeff And Elon 

  • Why Elon and Jeff set their sights on world-changing missions, and how you might too
  • ​How they VIOLATE the ORDINARY rules of setting goals, and set their sights on vague, way out of reach aspirational visions
  • ​Why Elon DOESN'T even see his goals as audacious
  • ​The TRUE driving force behind their goals, and yours too, that once you tap into gives you fuel for driving as far as you possibly can, FAST
  • ​How shooting for even your grandest visions can be as straightforward as keeping your eye on the prize while taking just one small step
  • Why having a business plan is far LESS IMPORTANT than having a powerful vision that you use to keep forging forward 
  • ​How they set enormous goals that get them and their teams powerfully striving NOW 
  • ​The way Elon and Jeff use their grand visions to activate processes that drive them all the way to finishing
  • Why orienting long-term gives you extraordinary advantage in achieving even your most ambitious goals 
  • ​What it means to TRULY orient long-term and to engineer a culture and organization that forges forward indefinitely towards it 
  • ​The contagious power of PURPOSE, and how you too can develop Definite Purpose for your goals
  • ​How even if an important goal appears near impossible, Elon says you should go after it. And how you should never give up
  • ​The benefits that come from being purpose-driven, and how you can use purpose to attract talent, capital, customers, and everyone else
  • ​Why purpose is MEANINGLESS relative to showing up and driving your most purposeful actions every day 
  • How topics like hope and MOTIVATION are weak, low-level ways of operating relative to the powerful DRIVE Elon and Jeff bring
  • How Dominant Intent is where the rubber hits the road for Jeff and Elon, and how it does for you too 
  • ​Why Jeff and Amazon's Dominant Intent is customer obsession, and what Elon's Dominant Intent at Tesla and SpaceX is too
  • ​How Jeff and Elon's visions for their own businesses drive their grander visions for moving forward other businesses and humanity
  • ​How they were LUCKY and UNLUCKY to be born with beautiful minds capable of dreaming up and achieving extraordinary things
  • ​The secrets to their limitless thinking, that enables them and you too think on the grandest grand scale 
  • ​How their belief in what's possible, and indeed what's possible for them, fuel their extraordinary efforts to do the seemingly impossible 
  • ​Why Elon and Jeff perceive MORE RISK in avoiding these most important goals than taking them on and FAILING
  • ​How they look at risk the OPPOSITE to most of us and what you can learn from how they take [Unreasonable] Risk
  • ​How risk ISN'T just something they "stomach" to get reward—But a strategy they powerful use to drive forward
  • ​Why there's often MORE RISK in NOT taking risk, and how much fun it can be to take risk together as a group
  • ​The many "REFRAMES" you see from Elon and Jeff that enable them to see risk differently and to take it on an [Unreasonable] scale
  • Why Jeff has built a culture that rapidly invents and innovates by constantly running experiments
  • What enables Jeff and Elon to Use Failure to drive forward, while MOST  people get used by failure to stay stuck and slide backwards
  • ​How seeing failure like Thomas Edison and other great achievers, gives Elon and Jeff advantages in innovating and growing FAST 
  • Why continuing to forge forward in the face of enormous failure is NO BIG DEAL, just, as a goal-striving person, what you naturally do
  • ​What makes Jeff laugh uncontrollably about making billions of dollars of failures at Amazon, and what you can learn from this
  • Why our Principle Be Hardcore is reflected in EVERYTHING that Elon and Jeff do, and why this matters so much to your achieving too
  • ​​What being hardcore means, and why it is about more than you
  • ​How Jeff and Elon bring hardcore commitment to doing what it takes to succeed, even when the odds are enormously stacked against you 
  • ​Why hardcore excellence is central to Jeff and Elon's extraordinary achieving and it is likely the same for you 
  • How persistence is obvious and just a basic starting point for anyone who is serious about achieving 
  • ​Why an EXTREME bias to actions is crucial to Elon and Jeff's methods, to other top achievers, and to you too
  • ​How even in the face of enormous uncertainty, lacking clarity on what to do, Elon and Jeff keep taking actions ferociously moving forward
  • Why speed, urgency, rapidly iterating is central to the way that they focus themselves and their teams
  • Why Jeff's natural focus gives him extraordinary advantages in achieving, and how you can make up for it
  • Why the noise you see on MORNING ROUTINES is low-level operating and why Jeff and Elon would never pay attention to that junk 
  • ​The VERY different ways Jeff and Elon organize their days for best getting done what needs to get done 
  • ​How Elon VIOLATES the ORDINARY advice to STOP multi-tasking, and instead uses it as his superpower for getting ungodly amounts done
  • Why Jeff and Elon recruit DIFFERENTLY to the way many companies and other leaders do
  • ​How being PURPOSE-DRIVEN gives them extraordinary advantages in attracting and recruiting the best talent
  • ​Why having the best people matters so much, particularly if you are focused on achieving world-changing goals 
  • ​What it means to recruit the best people, and how Elon and Jeff invent their own standards (aka, why Elon NEVER cares about your MBA)
  • ​How Elon and Jeff get the BEST from their teams, and how this goes against what you keep hearing on these topics, especially now
  • ​Why leaders who desperately want to be liked are FAR LESS effective than those like Elon and Jeff who are obsessed with being effective
  • ​Why continuously improving is NOT ENOUGH relative to what Musk and Bezos emphasis (Hint: Taking 100 years to get better is failure) ​​​
  • ​What you might not know about how Jeff emphasized innovation to evolve Amazon from just a retailer into a global behemoth  
  • ​Why Elon ISN'T just focused on innovating, but radically innovating order of magnitude leaps, at increasing rates of improvement
  • ​How Jeff and Elon continuously innovate, improve, and ITERATE all the way to achieving even the most ambitious world-changing goals—and how you can too.
       And, much, much more...
"If it was growing at 2,300% a year, pretty soon it was going to be huge." 
"A natural human tendency is wishful thinking...what's the difference between really believing your ideals..."
"She said the first question I asked her was, do you ever think about electric cars?" 
"Another thing that I would recommend to people is that they always take a
long term point of view." 
"I'm very lucky because I feel like I have a mission-driven purpose." 
"The defensive reason of protecting the future of humanity." 
"Having a purpose-driven company is going to attract the best talent in the world." 
"The number one thing that has made us successful by far..."
"When I was 5 or 6 or something I thought I was insane." 
"I told them that I thought there was a 70% chance that they would lose their whole investment." 
"SpaceX is alive by the skin of its teeth,
so is Tesla."
"To be innovative you have to experiment." 
"I want to be able to absorb a punch because of my scale..."
"I'm available 24/7 to help solve issues." 
"The very rare idea that can be done by a
single individual." 
Will You Look Back At Age 80 Regretting What You Didn't Do? 
It's painful to go after a goal, give it all you've got, and fail. But it can be far more painful to look back having never taken your shot. Jeff's framework made it easy for him to make the "tough" decision to leave his career to start Amazon. This paid off for Jeff on an extroardinary scale, and betting on yourself can for you too. 

Here's Some Of What Investing In This Program Will Help You Do  

  • Get in touch with your most AMBITIOUS goals, and equip yourself with a method for every day moving forward achieving them
  • ​Know what holds many of us back from what we TRULY want, and how you get beyond it to keep achieving what matters most to you
  • ​​The SHOCKING Dirty Secret of What Do You Want, and why you DON'T even need to know your goal to keep achieving it
  • ​How you can set your sights on many GRAND VISIONS and use them to keep pulling forward even your most lofty goals
  • ​Develop more CERTAINTY about what goals most matter to you, and why you'll keep driving them forward  
  • ​​How you stay UNSTUCK and keep forging forward even if you don't know your destination, let alone know how you'll reach it
  • ​​The UNSTOPPABLE force of knowing your smaller and bigger whys and using your whys NOT just to start—but to drive to finish. 
  • ​Set your sights on ENORMOUS long-term goals, even if you don't know how to achieve them, nor if you even can in this lifetime
  • ​​Get beyond the noise of the day-to-day and keep orienting yourself long-term to what TRULY matters
  • Learn what's WRONG with ordinary methods for setting goals that limit you to pathetically small goals or to avoid having goals
  • ​Get your hands on a game-changing 4 step method for setting and achieving your most important goals
  • ​​EASILY translate even your grandest ambitions into the smallest steps that keep you moving forward—and then take them
  • ​See that no matter where you are headed, there are MANY Roadmaps that you can take to get here 
  • De-mystify HUGE TOPICS like purpose, passion, meaning, destiny in ways that enable you to simply keep purposefully driving forward
  • Get clear on your Definite Purpose, and how you're driving it daily
  • ​Learn how Dominant Intent is the fuel that has driven Elon and Jeff far, fast , and through the eyes of Jeff and Elon get clear on yours 
  • Ask yourself if you're comfortable being OBSESSED with what most matters to driving your goals, and define what obsession works best
  • ​Learn a rigorous method for conditioning your goals daily, if not every second, so you're constantly, automatically, pulling yourself forward
  • ​​Get clear on how you must be thinking, feeling, acting to keep forging ahead achieving your goals
  • ​​See how Jeff and Elon's thinking drives nonstop actions from themselves and their teams and align you and your team the same
  • ​Learn how your thinking drives your feelings and actions, and round and round again how this cycle either destroys your success or enormously keeps catapulting you forward
  • ​Identify what thoughts HOLD YOU BACK, those that propel you forward, and get your hands on a powerful method for changing your thinking
  • ​See how you can REPLICATE the "hardware" advantages of their brilliant minds by upgrading your "software" capabilities 
  • ​Develop an understanding of why there's nothing "[UNREASONABLE]" about Elon and Jeff's approach to risk, and what risk is right for you 
  • ​​​​Know what it means to "REFRAME" risk in a way that gives you far more ability to bet on yourself and unlock extraordinary rewards
  • ​See how NOT taking risk might be your RISKIEST strategy, and build your best strategy to take advantage of risk and reward 
  • ​Learn why a stigma of failure holds so many of us back, and how seeing it like Jeff and Elon enormously propels you forward
  • ​Develop your deep KNOWING that failure ISN'T the OPPOSITE of success, but the path to driving all the success you want
  • ​Get clear on how you Use Failure to keep iterating to success
  • ​Do an inventory of risk and failure, to see where in the past you may have learned painful lessons and to change your relationships to risk and failure in the future
  • ​Remember... you are HARDCORE... and tap your most hardcore
  • ​Define EXACTLY why being hardcore matters to your achieving, and how you keep getting harder and harder
  • ​Learn why seeing action as both an INPUT and OUTPUT of your process is crucial to unlocking your potential and achieving
  • ​See what leads you to get stuck taking action on your most important goals, and how you blast through 
  • ​Get clear on your HIGHEST VALUE ACTIONS, and organize around how you best take them every day 
  • ​Know why what we're taught on focus is WRONG, and how these two things are the secret to top focus, especially if you lack it naturally 
  • ​Consider what morning or daily routines are right for you, especially in light of what I wrote earlier on what they do  
  • ​Learn what Jeff and Elon do to drive Definite Focus into their day, and evolve your method for doing this too 
  • ​Consider more of Jeff and Elon's perspective on recruiting, leading, and managing to see how it might evolve your practices too
  • ​Become the DESTINATION for top talent
  • Develop methods to attract your best people and best lead them too, so you get the leverage you need to keep focusing on your highest use
  • Harness Elon and Jeff's thoughts on continuously, rapidly improving, so you can accelerate how rapidly you drive your goals 
  • ​Determine what innovation and improving matters most to you and your team in how you keep achieving your grandest vision
  • ​See, over and over again how Elon and Jeff target perfection, but also keep moving forward, and how you can too
       And, much, much more...


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision


Start With Truly Aspirational Vision
Start With Truly Aspirational VisionStart With Truly Aspirational Vision
Get The 12 Hidden Principles 
Consider what I said earlier that perhaps just one small tweak is all it takes for you to RAPIDLY accelerate achieving even your most ambitious goals. You'll find what you need in these 12 Hidden Principles because in our modules for Goals, Mind, and Actions we're focused on what you need to make quantum leaps, FAST.
Limited Time ONLY

How Might This
Be Valuable For You?

12 Hidden Principles From Jeff And Elon In A Program Built For You 

  • 12+ Hours Of World-Changing Principles and Practices: Decoded from how Elon and Jeff think and achieve too
  • ​Broken Down For You: In a way you can quickly learn and put to work 
  • Built Into A Program: NOT just "random" ideas or videos, but a systematic method built for you 

A RAPIDLY Transforming Method

  • NOT Information, Transformation: You aren't just learning in this program, you're transforming
  • Built to Upgrade YOU: A method built for RAPIDLY transforming YOU
  • ​A Method That Works FAST: Jeff and Elon have rocketed to the top FAST, and so can you

A Fast To Learn, Highly Actionable Method

  • Short Enough and Long Enough: Thousands of hours of research distilled into a short, potent program
  • You'll Get It Fast:  We break down their method quickly and build yours FAST
  • So You Can Put It To Work Right Away: Built for you to dream and scheme and take powerful actions right away

Highly Accessible And Affordable

  • Affordable and Accessible For Anyone: This program is priced to be affordable for anyone to benefit 
  • ​Works For You In Any Job Or Business: No matter your ambitions, the 12 Principles will accelerate you 
  • Built To Give You What You Need: Zero fluff, just the transformation you want to CRUSH your goals

What Might This Be Worth To You?

  • Know what Jeff and Elon do: Rapidly, get hours of insights on what Elon and Jeff do
  • Have your method for doing it too:  You're not just watching or learning, but building your method too
  • ​Reduce Your Downside: What downside might their decades of extreme achieving experiences help you avoid?
  • Keep Driving Your Upside: A powerful method for driving even your most ambitious goals all the way 
  • What Would You Invest To Achieve What Matters Most To You? What wouldn't you invest?

What Would You Expect To Invest For This World-Changing Program? 

From: Geoff Blades

Re: How to achieve your most ambitious goals, FAST 

Hi There,

I'm glad you've kept reading down the page, and I'm hoping I've well enough conveyed how this program might be extraordinarily valuable to you. 

As I mentioned above, doing this program myself and building for you, I've learned more on business building from this one single source than from anything else I've discovered over 21 years of this work. 

And these learnings have already been of extraordinary value to my clients too.

If you have your sights set on world-changing goals, what value ISN'T there in learning what Elon and Jeff do?

But even just in your career or business, what can you learn that helps you achieve what matters most to you? 

That's what this program is built to deliver for you. 

So let me ask you, what would you REASONABLY expect to invest for this program that will help you ACHIEVE even your most ambitious goals? 

$1,000,000? :)

Of course I'm only playing around a bit here, but I'm also NOT.

Yes, I know this is extreme, but what if it helped you achieve even just a fraction of what Jeff and Elon have? 

What type of extraordinary return on investment would this be for you? 

A client advised me to make this program an exclusive, six-figure Mastermind for business builders, which we still might do, but that's NOT why I created this program. 

When I began this work I didn't know what I was seeking and NEVER intended it to be a program. 

It was only in seeing how DIFFERENTLY Elon and Jeff think and take action, in many ways seeing it was the OPPOSITE of how even most highly successful people operate, and to what even top schools teach, I saw that everyone needs to know this.

I imagine what could be possible for you and each of us if we had more of Elon's and Jeff's capabilities.

And more importantly, what would be possible for humanity if we had MANY more people taking on our most CRUCIAL, and time-sensitive, world-changing goals. 

So this program is priced to be affordable and accessible to lots of people. 

Yes, it is still a REAL investment, and it needs to be, or most people wouldn't value it, or take it seriously enough to invest the time and get the MOST value from it. 

But it is priced to provide you a LUDICROUSLY EXTRAORDINARY return on your investment. 

In my programs and with clients I guarantee to deliver at LEAST A 10X return on your investment.

And here I'd say this is a VERY LOW bar for us to hit. 

This program is double the length and priced at 7X LESS than most my least expensive Masterclasses, and a tiny fraction of what clients invest for my time.

It's priced this way to deliver you EXTRAORDINARY value. 

And to further my mission of giving EVERYONE access to the most advanced methods for achieving the life you TRULY want. 

That's what this program is built to do for YOU. 

All the best,

What Would You Expect To 
Invest For This? 



* Introductory Price For A Limited Time ONLY

10X Or Your Money Back!

This program is built to deliver extraordinary value to you, and if you don't feel like I've delivered, I'll happily refund you.

And fire myself for providing such little value to you.

Transform FAST To Quickly Achieve What Matters To You 
Elon talks a lot about not just radically innovating or continuously improving, but also your rate of improvement. Taking 97 years to get to Mars is too late for him.  He must be improving FASTER, and is obsessively focused on rate of improvement. This program will catapult you by transforming your rate of improvement, quickly. 
Limited Time ONLY

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For Rocketing Your Most Ambitious Goals All The Way To The Top, FAST
Especially in these strange times, you want a proven method—
  • Based on 21 years of researching and developing the most advanced methods for creating the career, business, life you TRULY want
  • ​Brought together over thousands of hours of meticulous study and categorizing how Jeff and Elon think and do 
  • ​A proven system for transforming you, your career, business, life, as quickly as possible 
  • Get beyond feeling that your goals are out of reach, and feel confident you have a method to keep taking steps all the way to achieving
  • ​How to ensure all your hard work is working hard for you
  • ​If you choose you might even work less and achieve more, by doing more of the extraordinary things that Elon and Jeff do
About Geoff
A former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and investor at the Carlyle Group, Geoff Blades is an advisor to CEOs, founders, and senior Wall Street leaders on creating extraordinary results in your business, career, and life. 

He is the author of four books and creator of dozens of ground-breaking programs for creating the career, business, life that YOU truly want.

See What My Private Clients Have To Say 

This is not just business for Geoff, it is intensely personal. For as long as I have known him this work has been his obsession, and Geoff has stopped at nothing to build mastery of these topics. For nearly 10 years Geoff’s advice has been priceless to me and my team in building my own firm.”
Adam Checchi, CEO, Founder, Checchi Capital
“Success at the highest levels requires never-ending improvement. Geoff not only helps me to keep bringing my best, but to also feel more happy and energized every single day.
President, Investment Bank
“After a decade of running my own firm and feeling like I was always a step behind, Geoff has me on track to building the business and life I truly love!”
CEO, Public Relations Firm
“After more than four decades on Wall Street, I engaged Geoff to help me make transformational changes in my career and life. All my life I have been a student of philosophy and personal mastery, but what Geoff is able to do you will not find elsewhere.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“I have known Geoff both personally and professionally for 20 years. He was a star performer and inspiration to his colleagues at Goldman Sachs then, and he’s transformed himself into a ‘mental accelerator’ and world-class success coach now. Geoff has proven to be an invaluable resource to our fund and portfolio as he helps us navigate management, sales execution and interpersonal mastery.”
Shahram Seyedin-Noor, CEO, Founder, Civilization Ventures
“I cannot say enough about Geoff. He gets to the heart of issues faster than anyone I have ever met. He is undoubtedly an important part of who I have become over these past few years…the best ‘me’ I have ever been.”
President, Technology Company
“Someone once told me, if Geoff is offering to work with you, jump all over it. So, let me say, if you can get Geoff’s best ideas for a fraction of the cost of one hour with him, leap, jump, get all over it!”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“I came to Geoff when I was evaluating retirement. Geoff not only helped me quickly reach my decision to stay, he then helped me chart a course for taking my career to an entirely new level.
Partner, Investment Bank
A master craftsman, Geoff delivers a rare combination of personal experience and trenchant insight to help you supercharge your life. His passion is infectious. Blades has helped me develop critical tools to harness untapped personal reserves that have put me on a path to exceed stretch career goals.” 
Partner, Consulting Firm
“Working with Geoff has been transformational. He has changed the way I pursue specific professional goals, as well as how I think about my life overall. The time we have spent together has been invaluable.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“Right place right time. Some guys have all the luck. I used these excuses to rationalize my flattened career trajectory. Geoff helped me take calculated steps to break this cycle and reinvent myself, and thereby reattain happiness and fulfillment in my life.”
Principal, Private Equity
“For two decades I have fervently studied success and worked with top coaches, but when I found myself overwhelmed with information and complexity, Geoff helped me cut through the noise and draw a straight and powerful path to getting what I want in my business and life…TODAY.”
Founder, CEO, Accounting Firm
“Geoff just gets it. He understands that our ability to achieve rests within our own abilities, and he allows you to unlock it.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
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