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Module 3.3. Engineering Flow
Get beyond where you're stuck for crushing your goals

Want to Upgrade YOU with me?
You might know I only work with clients on 5 or 6 figure annual retainers, but I am looking to take on up to 5 clients to build your 9 week upgrade with you. If you're super serious to upgrade YOU, tell me more on your goals here.
I have limited capacity. First come first served!

You Deserve An Upgrade YOU 

Your phone gets an upgrade.

You upgrade your house, job, car, partner :) and just about everything else.

But when did someone offer you the opportunity to Upgrade YOU?!

Not all of you. 

Much of you might already be as excellent as you can be...

And here we're focused on upgrading the way you get what you want!

Getting What You Want Made Simple 

Keep in mind what we're doing here...

How hard has all this become? 

When it can be so simple!

Tens of thousands of books on personal development full of much the same basic ideas.

Tons of coaches doing their basic thing.



Endless content repeating most the same ideas, all with the same fatal flaw...

Words, words, words...

But nothing you can actually do with it.

My work is to make it simple, systematic, actionable. 

So you can easily do what works for getting what you want, NOW.

That's what we're doing here.

Everything You Want Comes This Simply 

What are your goals? 

And how are you using them? 

Not having them. 

Not looking at them once a year. 

But how are you using your goals every day?

With your goals in mind, what are you thinking and feeling? 

Are you thinking and feeling in ways that are consistent with your goals? 

Again, not once or twice a year, but right now, every day. 

Coz this is where the rubber hits the road for driving results, doesn't it?

Is your mind where you need to keep taking the actions driving forward your goals? 

And what about these actions? 

How good are your actions at achieving your goals?

And how excellent are you at taking them? 

That's it!

Everything you want comes this way.

Round And Round You Go For It

The fancy term is iterate

That's all you do.

Constantly focusing on your goals.

Constantly putting your mind in your best place.

Constantly taking your best actions. 

Better and better.

More and more.

Improving at the way you're driving towards what you TRULY want. 

Everything you want comes this way. 

This Is Upgrade YOU  

This is all we're doing here.

Simply, powerfully...

Upgrading your capabilities for getting what you want by—

1. Upgrading the way you set and use your goals. 

2. Upgrading the way you think and feel how you want, especially for driving forward your goals.

3. Upgrading the actions you take. 

That's it!

Because I've invested 20 years in figuring out how you actually do it...

I won't go into my long-winded story of reading thousands of books trying to figure all this out. 

Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars traveling the world training with the best teachers. 

How it led me to tens of thousands more hours work building simple, powerful, systematic methods.

I'll simply say, I've done all this work so you never need to! 

So here we're breaking it down into these 3 powerful Modules and 9 "Routines" that you can use right now— 

Not Saying This Is Easy For You

It's simple, but not easy. 

And truth is, the hard part is on you—showing up and doing this every day. 

And not just doing it.

But committing that you want to keep doing it better and better and better...

All the way until you get what you want. 

While this isn't easy...

What I've learned the long and hard way is the harder part is not knowing what to do. 

And I've discovered that with just a little direction many people can unleash massive capabilities. 

Many people ONLY need this. 

They never need those basic coaches. 

Nor the thousands of books and podcasts many waste their lives consuming. 

Many people ONLY need to be shown exactly what to do. 

And given a method for doing it. 

Sure that's not easy. 

But if you know what you're doing, and you're just doing it better and better and better every day...

Well, this can be the most fun part of getting what you want too!
Want to Upgrade YOU with me?
I have limited capacity. First come first served!

See What My Private Clients Have To Say 

This is not just business for Geoff, it is intensely personal. For as long as I have known him this work has been his obsession, and Geoff has stopped at nothing to build mastery of these topics. For nearly 10 years Geoff’s advice has been priceless to me and my team in building my own firm.”
Adam Checchi, CEO, Founder, Checchi Capital
“Success at the highest levels requires never-ending improvement. Geoff not only helps me to keep bringing my best, but to also feel more happy and energized every single day.
President, Investment Bank
“After a decade of running my own firm and feeling like I was always a step behind, Geoff has me on track to building the business and life I truly love!”
CEO, Public Relations Firm
“After more than four decades on Wall Street, I engaged Geoff to help me make transformational changes in my career and life. All my life I have been a student of philosophy and personal mastery, but what Geoff is able to do you will not find elsewhere.”
Senior Advisor, Investment Bank
“I have known Geoff both personally and professionally for 20 years. He was a star performer and inspiration to his colleagues at Goldman Sachs then, and he’s transformed himself into a ‘mental accelerator’ and world-class success coach now. Geoff has proven to be an invaluable resource to our fund and portfolio as he helps us navigate management, sales execution and interpersonal mastery.”
Shahram Seyedin-Noor, CEO, Founder, Civilization Ventures
“I cannot say enough about Geoff. He gets to the heart of issues faster than anyone I have ever met. He is undoubtedly an important part of who I have become over these past few years…the best ‘me’ I have ever been.”
President, Technology Company
“Someone once told me, if Geoff is offering to work with you, jump all over it. So, let me say, if you can get Geoff’s best ideas for a fraction of the cost of one hour with him, leap, jump, get all over it!”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
“I came to Geoff when I was evaluating retirement. Geoff not only helped me quickly reach my decision to stay, he then helped me chart a course for taking my career to an entirely new level.
Partner, Investment Bank
A master craftsman, Geoff delivers a rare combination of personal experience and trenchant insight to help you supercharge your life. His passion is infectious. Blades has helped me develop critical tools to harness untapped personal reserves that have put me on a path to exceed stretch career goals.” 
Partner, Consulting Firm
“Working with Geoff has been transformational. He has changed the way I pursue specific professional goals, as well as how I think about my life overall. The time we have spent together has been invaluable.”
Partner, Investment Bank
“Right place right time. Some guys have all the luck. I used these excuses to rationalize my flattened career trajectory. Geoff helped me take calculated steps to break this cycle and reinvent myself, and thereby reattain happiness and fulfillment in my life.”
Principal, Private Equity
“For two decades I have fervently studied success and worked with top coaches, but when I found myself overwhelmed with information and complexity, Geoff helped me cut through the noise and draw a straight and powerful path to getting what I want in my business and life…TODAY.”
Founder, CEO, Accounting Firm
“Geoff just gets it. He understands that our ability to achieve rests within our own abilities, and he allows you to unlock it.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank
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